CISO as a service

CISO as a service (Chief Information Security Officer as a service) aims to create a strategy and maintain an operational model for the security of business’s information, aligning with its specific needs.

CISO as a service includes:

  • Design of security policy and controls to reduce risk
  • Risk Assessment – Evaluation of potential threats to IT systems
  • Detailed auditing
  • Compliance: Adaptation to evolving compliance regulations.
  • Disaster recovery: Development of procedures to ensure the resilience of the business in case of attacks, including periodic testing
  • Data loss and Fraud Prevention: Ensuring that personnel only have access to data necessary for their work.
  • Investigations and Forensics: Identifying weaknesses and designing strategies to prevent their recurrence.
  • Close collaboration with IT department.
  • Management consultancy on integrating security practices into operational procedures.
  • Development of training and awareness programs.
  • Conducting and evaluating External/Internal Penetration Tests.

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