User Awareness Training

The systematic training of human resources about the handling of company data and the exchange of information is vital for the protection of your organization. SIMA Security’s User Awareness program equips non-experts with essential knowledge and practical skills, complemented by supervisory tools and user-friendly content.

The main skills acquired by the program are the following:

  • Passwords’ handling
    Employees are trained on securely handling and protecting passwords.
  • Internet and e-mail best Practices
    Users are educated about the dangers of e-mail, attachment, sender spoofing, phishing scams and also about the safe and appropriate use of internet within their workplace.
  • Social engineering
    Employees are trained to protect confidential company information from malicious individuals attempting to exploit social engineering tactics.

  • Mobile device security
    Mobile devices can compromise the security of your data in various ways. Employees will learn to protect the credentials of mobile devices when connecting to public networks, as well as protect office devices from external threats like USB-based attacks.
  • Incident Response
    Employees develop the necessary reflexes to swiftly identify suspicious activities or violations and promptly inform the security officer.

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